Tips to avoid “unjustly losing money” when using credit cards

In recent years, the trend of using credit cards of Vietnamese consumers is increasing. The reason why credit cards have become the most popular spending management tool is because of the payment conveniences it offers. However, many people are still quite negligent and subjective when using it, leading to money “flying without wings”.

So, let’s pocket with ATOM the following tips to use it in the smartest and safest way!

Do not give the card to others

The most basic way to protect your money is to never give your card to anyone else. Do not share or post card information on social networks and especially do not lend or take photos of others.

Otherwise, you may face the risk of abusing your card information to make transactions that are not transparent, and have to pay for payments of unknown origin.

The payment process by POS machine is very simple, just swipe the card and sign to complete the transaction. When using a card for payment, only allow the employee to swipe the card in his or her observation. Do not let employees hold your card.

One thing to note is to carefully check the information on the invoice before signing the confirmation. Process monitoring and thorough checks to ensure the card is only swiped once.

Absolutely do not reveal CVV or CVC number

CVV/CVC is the security code of international payment cards, verifying the cardholder’s ownership. The 3-digit CVV/CVC code is italicized in black ink and located on the back of the card.

Customers can use this code to pay online without entering a PIN. Therefore, the CVV/CVC code plays an extremely important role, having a security effect when making transactions and payments.

CVV code

A good tip to use is to memorize the CVV/CVC codes, then delete or mask them. This will not affect card readability when making direct payments and minimizes fraudsters backing up, capturing card information and stealing money from your card.

Only shop at reputable sales sites

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend of shopping on e-commerce sites exploded. This is also a “fatal land” that fraudsters use to defraud shoppers.

Hackers will set up impersonating websites with domain names similar to famous e-commerce websites such as Tiki, Shopee, .. to deceive shoppers.

So, when starting to make a purchase or enter your credit card information to pay at any of these sites, make sure it’s an official and trustworthy site.

In addition, never click on strange links or attachments that require credit card information, this will make your information double. This is a very dangerous form of online scam.

With just a little carelessness and gullibility, the money in a credit card can “evaporate” at any time. ATOM hopes that the tips shared above will equip you with more knowledge, thereby preventing scams to steal money from credit cards. Be a smart consumer!

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